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It's official and we want to share the exiting news about our microgreens.  A Garden's Glory is the First Certified Naturally Grown Producer for Eastern Florida! 


Certified Naturally Grown handpicked us as a "Stand Out In Your Field" farm/producer!   A Garden's Glory will be introduced amongst other excellent farmers of the CNG family promoting best ways in which to grow in harmony with nature!!  Catch link to clip on our Facebook Page.  

Did you know ...

A Garden's Glory holds State approved AFDO Certificate as a FSMA compliant PSA Grower

& is a twice recipient of the SlowFood's Snail of Approval.

Proud to Announce: 

A Garden's Glory is the sole authorized dealer in Florida

of the only growing medium on the market

for plants and microgreens to be made of sustainable bamboo fiber! 

  • You too can grow trays of microgreens on the mat like we do in just 10 to 14 days

  • Experience outstanding water retention (holds 9.5 x its weight in water)

  • Eco-friendly, naturally biodegradable

  • Save time harvesting clean trays with ease

  • Avoid soil or coco coir mess

  • Food grade safe (FDA CRF 21.777.1850 & Oeko-Tex 100 certified)


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A Gardens Glory locations are licensed and inspected by Florida Department of Agriculture, FDACS & CNG

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