Our Microgreens are ...  

Growing in the Microgreen-Piatto Fresco style...

"Cleanly grown-no chemicals used"™ in mother nature's environment allows for the perfect OTR (oxygen transmission rate) for our fresh microgreens & herbs. 

No chemicals or fertilizers are ever used! 

A Garden's Glory's live, vibrant, nutrient dense varieties change throughout the seasons. 


Availability of our microgreen selections will vary if not pre-ordered.  

Contact grower about size selections for fresh edible tablescapes & placing custom orders:

Chef's please ask for our Seasonal Fresh Sheet

(772) 341-4940 ~ agardensglory@gmail.com

Microgreens~Piatto Fresco

Certified Naturally Grown 

Servicing local chefs &

Artiasian Market Green Spot 

  courtesy of Deliteul Kitchen, Stuart, FL 

Growing in mother nature's environment allows our microgreens and herbs the benefit of consistent O2 to CO2 oxygen transmission rates to occur. 
Researchers have remarked that live, not cut greens sitting in a plastic bag and/or clamshell can deliver the best sustained OTR & maximum nutritional benefits to consumers.
Check out research link below to see what else researchers are saying about
microgreens being up to 40 times more nutrient dense than the mature plant. 
Truly super-foods!

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